February 12, 2015

(from the archive) Just for Kids! - Valentine's Day Play Mail

I originally published this post in 2013, but I love it so much I wanted to give it some new exposure - plus, it's perfect for Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day. I've been practising my sewing!  My little loves to go on adventures to the mailbox, so I decided that some felt play mail would be the perfect little Valentine.  It's a sweet handmade gift that lasts well beyond Valentine's Day.   I've seen several play mail sewing tutorials around the internet, but I kind of took bits and pieces and made up my own.  

Want to make your own?  I promise, it's not hard.  I use a sewing machine for some basic project about once every 3 years (although I'm really starting to like it more now!) So,  if I can do it, you can too! 

(+) Wool felt in colours of your choice
(+) Cotton fabric in colour or pattern of your choice
(+) Embroidery thread and needle
(+) Pinking Shears
(+) Velcro

To make a play letter/postcard

(+) Cut two (2) contrasting pieces of wool felt into rectangles (to make the front and back).

(+) Cut a small heart from another piece of felt - I cut this one free-hand by folding the felt in half and cutting a half-heart shape (this makes your heart symmetrical).

(+) Using embroidery thread, hand-stitch the heart to 1 piece of wool felt.

(+) If you like, embroider a word on the felt as well (I used a simple back stitch).

(+) Sew the front and back pieces of felt together.

(+) Voila!  A play letter/postcard.  

You could even stop after this step if you wanted to.  A few play postcards would be cute (and they are easier to make than the envelopes - instructions coming up next!)

To make an envelope

Part 1
(+) Cut a piece of wool felt (I used white) into a large rectangle.

(+) Fold the bottom of the wool felt two thirds (2/3) of the way up - this will eventually form the "pouch" part of the envelope. The remaining one third (1/3) part will form the envelope "flap".  Cut in at a slight angle to give an envelope look to the top 1/3 piece of the rectangle (as shown).

(+) Use your wool felt piece as a template to cut a piece of cotton fabric in the same shape (I used pinking shears to cut the cotton fabric to prevent fraying).

(+) Sew the wool and cotton fabric pieces together.

Part 2
(+) Sew small squares of velcro to the front and back of the fabric envelope, as shown.  This will hold down the envelope "flap" and allow for a small postage stamp.

(+) Fold the bottom of the rectangle up to form the "pouch" of the envelope.  Sew the sides again to hold everything together.

(+) Cut two small squares of felt to act as a postage stamp.  Sew together around the perimeter.  Add a small piece of velcro and sew to attach.

Love one another.  Happy Valentine's Day from The Petit Cadeau Blog.

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  1. Oh this is so cute! I'll have a great head start for Vday now! Found you through Craftgawker, right by my post and now I'm a follower! HelloHydrangea.com