July 04, 2017

Handmade Marathon: Antisewcial

Editor's Note: A few weeks ago I spotted a new-to-me local business and I knew it would be the perfect way to jump back into the Handmade Marathon series!  Thanks to Megan from Ragmaw (who you might remember from this Handmade Marathon feature a few years ago) for the introduction.

Tell us about your business

Hi! I’m Carolyn, owner and solo sewist of Antisewcial’s handmade natural fashion in Newfoundland. I am a mom of two active boys and a proud RCMP spouse. My goal in life is to do more of what makes me happy and surround myself with people, places and things who bring in the light and spark my creativity.

How did you get started?
After living on Vancouver Island in British Columbia for 8 years, I fell in love with everything inspired by nature and handmade. My favourite pastime with my family was (and still is!) visiting local markets and finding unique handmade treasures that you can feel were made with love.

I actually remember the first time I purchased the cutest pair of organic pants for my 1st born. It was an emergency purchase after my little one had their very first public *accident* in their pants! Haha! First of many to come, these perfect little pants are still in #2’s closet and look brand new. The quality of these handmade pants couldn’t even come close to anything else I had owned in the past. The material is divine and you can feel the intention and love behind them.

Ethical, sustainable and handmade, you complete me!

What inspires you? Where does your creativity come from?
Over time, my life became focused less on consumption and more on simple, clean living. When my family and I moved back home to Newfoundland it was a fresh start and we make our consumer purchases conscious ones.

I dove in to create a space in my home, and my life, that would inspire me to do more of what I love, sewing and creating natural fashion. In an era surrounded by disposable fast fashion it is difficult to find great, simple, ethically-made basics, especially for children, that are not heavily branded from head to toe. I love putting a fun twist on everyday cozy clothes and creating comfortable clothing that kids want to wear. All of the clothing that I design is made from bamboo or organic cotton fabric and made for Newfoundland’s unpredictable weather.

My goal for Antisewcial is not to outfit as many people as possible or make as much money as possible (sorry darling husband!) but to continue my journey doing what I love and hopefully inspire others to support the local makers out there in our community. I sew because it makes me happy and I hope it makes you happy as well!

What's one thing you would like to improve about your business?
Something I would like to improve about Antisewcial is time! I think we are all looking for a little more time in our day to get it all done. Working at home with two small pre-school aged children, and a husband who works away, definitely has its challenges. I would like more time to sew and create and even add in some of my "Blow Me Down" Hoodies for adults, but that is not my reality right now. My time will come, I know it will! When it does, I will have more time for Antisewcial, but I bet I will be a sappy mess not having those two little ones pulling at my measuring tapes, pins and fabric scraps.

What is the best gift you have ever given or received?
One of the best gifts I have ever received was after my little boy, Tobin, was born. My co-workers got together and they each took a week to make my family meals as I recovered. Each week one person dropped off their homemade meals and even included some for the freezer. It was so thoughtful and so incredibly helpful. We really didn’t need to worry about meals for over a month. I was living very far away from family and it made us feel so loved and cared for.

What do you do when you make time for yourself (you and only you)
Making time for myself is a difficult one for me and I could use some help in that department. I recognize the need for taking time out but I seldom make it happen. Time for myself these days is usually spent sewing or doing absolutely NOTHING when my children go to bed.

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