September 10, 2015

Non-Toy Gifts for Kids

Gifts for Kids - How Much Do They Really Need?

A few months ago, I was absolutely blown away by this article on The Art of Simple (I've shared it before, here)

I've been reading a lot lately about decluttering and the overall concept of minimalism and this article was the jumping off point.

Their family of five is travelling the world, with backpacks.
Their children have very limited toys (only what they can carry) like lego, crayons and card games.
I keep coming back to read about it.
They are exploring and learning about their world in other ways.  It's kind of magical.

Other parents always say things to me, like:
"oh, we have so much stuff"
"I can never keep the house tidy or organized"
"They have rooms filled with stuff that they never use"

This all comes back to my ideas around Slow Gifting and keeping it simple.
Why add to the clutter?

Creative Non-Toy Gifts For Kids

Why not come up with something insanely creative, something that inspires imagination, and (maybe) doesn't add to the clutter (or at least minimizes it).

I'm inspired, and I'm sharing ideas for non-toy gifts for kids on this Pinterest Board.

These ideas are mostly DIY projects, like imaginative play kits, gifts that can be used for pretend play, gifts that can be used with existing toys (like Lego trays and the DIY train board below), and subscriptions, like Petit Mail.

A few of my favourites on the board right now

a DIY train board via Young House Love

experience gifts via Peanut Blossom

Felt Superhero Masks via SlowMama

Subscriptions for Kids - Petit Mail

(of course, we can't forget about my personal favourite via Petit Mail)

I'll keep adding to the Pinterest Board, so be sure to follow along for all of the inspiration. 

Happy Gifting,



  1. My twin grandsons turn 3 this month. They have more toys than space in their home so will give each of them a book and a check for their college fund. I also like to give the gift of experiences like taking the kids to the zoo or something.

  2. I feel like family members keep giving Eve stuff. We live in a tiny condo with little room which I don't think they fully get. Last year for her birthday we asked for experiential gifts which I hope they will do again this year.