June 15, 2015

Slow Gifting: Sanctuary

A few weeks ago, I found myself alone.

What's so special about being alone? 
I am an only child, and I also consider myself to be an introvert, although many people don't quite "get it", because I love to chat and interact.  However, my clearest introvert trait is that I am really only able to fully recharge in quiet, in solitude. 

Alone. for 24 hours. 

It was so tempting to tackle the back-log of things to do.
Endless lists, miles long.
Blogging work, business work, creative work, house work, mama work.
All the things.

Instead.  I forced myself to create some sanctuary. 

I made myself a cup of tea and finished it before it got cold.
I lazed on the couch and watched a movie on Netflix.  It was this one, if you're interested.
I read.
I slept.
I made freshly squeezed orange juice.
I browsed Pinterest for fun. I've been creating Boards that inspire me, like Wanderlust and for those with children, my favourite board right now is my Family Time board.  Inspiring creative moments with my family.
I stared at the leftovers in the fridge and then I ignored them and made myself exactly what I felt like eating. A huge bowl of pasta, with sautéed red onions, smothered in pesto and topped with grated parmesan.

The little gifts we give ourselves are so important, but often the most neglected.
Your sanctuary might not look exactly like mine, but you have your own idea of sanctuary.

Think about it.
Create it for yourself.
A gift we can give ourselves.

I'm preparing to wind down for the Summer and take a little blogging break. 
I'll be working on lot's of Petit Cadeau products and plans & preparations for the Etsy: Made In Canada market here in St. John's on September 26 (mark your calendars!).

Enjoy your Summer and I look forward to connecting and sharing wonderful new content in the Fall.


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