May 21, 2015

Preschool Birthday: Puppy Party

A Puppy Party. 
Perfect for 4 year old girls. 

We opted for a small at-home party this year with just a few friends. It was so lovely and let me pay extra attention to the party details without feeling stressed. 

Puppy Party Favor

The puppy adoption party went something like this:

(+) Choose a puppy

(+) Name Your Puppy and fill out a Certificate of Adoption

(+) Give Your Puppy a Check-Up (we put all of our Doc McStuffins toys to good use)

(+) Decorate a Puppy House/Carrier. I had originally planned to use gable boxes, but instead we used these square gift boxes, cut an opening and I sealed the edges with washi tape. The girls then had a wide variety of stickers (including letters that spelled their name) to decorate their puppy houses. 

(+) Make A Collar for your puppy.

Puppy Party Favor

Puppy Party Favor

Inspiration and free printables for this party from several sources, including:

(+) Pretend Play vet patient chart from A Longing Fulfilled Blog.  I printed these in colour and had them laminated so that they can be used over and over again.
(+) Pink dog "Certificate of Adoption" (not shown) from Chickabug blog.
(+) DIY puppy collars made using craft foam sheets and stick-on jewels (found via AmericanGirlFan)
(+) Other Puppy Party inspiration via: Catch My Party


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