March 17, 2015

Creative Mama on Urban Parent St. John's

Something I hear a lot.
"oh you're so creative.  I'm not......I wish I was".

This is mostly targeted toward the things I do with my 4 year old daughter NJ.

The truth is, most of the time I don't FEEL very creative. I have amazingly good intentions.  I WANT to do creative activities with her all the time.  I have Pinterest boards filled with inspiration of things we can do together.  It is just the actual ACT of DOING that becomes a problem.

Slowly I'm learning and figuring out (let's be honest, we'll never have it all figured out) to make creativity work for me, and for her.

Creating With Kids

For me, it has all been coming down to two things, plan & prepare.

1. Plan
(+) Figure out a few things that you would like to create with your child.

(+) Keep it simple, simple, simple (save ideas on a Pinterest Board like my Family Time inspiration or bookmark them to remind you later)

(+) Think outside the box.  Creativity doesn't have to involve glue and paint. It can be building a fort together (engineering anyone?), baking cookies, or making a nature collage.

(+) Start with things that feel like they are in your comfort zone!

Read the full post, and learn more about the creative projects I'm preparing for this month, visit the Urban Parent St. John's blog! 


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