February 08, 2015

Connecting in 2015

This quote has been speaking to me lately. via Trouve vol. 2
I mentioned in my previous post that I've been thinking about some changes here, and some of those things are starting to come together.

Every year, I pick a word to inspire my work + life.
This year, the word came to me very effortlessly.

The Petit Cadeau Blog


Here are some ways that I've started to make connection happen (and how it's happening to me!)

1. I want to bring The Petit Cadeau blog back to it's "roots" of thoughtful gifting and #slowgifting.  I'm starting a private discussion group called Thoughtful Gifting - stay tuned for more details on this! In the meantime, you can find a new #slowgifting category in the right sidebar to browse previous posts.

2. I've been connecting & chatting with some other handmade sellers about product collaborations for the shop during the upcoming year - some items will be coming soon, stay tuned!

3. As you all know, I love my Petit Mail product line - I've decided that Petit Mail needed more of it's own presence online, so you can now find Petit Mail with it's own Web site (+) Facebook (+) Twitter (+) Instagram.

Petit Mail also has a Spring magazine featuring coming up - I'll share with you as soon as I can!

4. I was invited to participate in the Etsy Canada Leadership Summit in Toronto, to plan and prepare for #EtsyMadeInCanada (a pop-up Etsy market, which I will be organizing in St. John's, NL on September 26, 2015).  I'm very excited about this and will be sharing news as we go!

Etsy Atlantic Canada

Here I am with Suzanne from PEI (Village Pottery), Jessika (oh my! handmade) and Fatema (Silver Lily Jewelry) from Nova Scotia.

5. I'm planning to gift for CONNECTION in 2015 - which for me, in part, involves beautifully wrapped gifts. I'll be sharing these images on the blog throughout the year.

I'm excited about these changes and I hope you will be too.
What to connect or collaborate with me in 2015?  I would love to hear from you, get in touch!



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