October 02, 2014


I've been thinking a lot about the word MORE.
On the surface, MORE is a very materialistic word. 
but it all depends on your view, of course.

what do you REALLY want MORE of?

I want more quiet time. more thoughtful gifting. more celebrations. more family time together. more laughter. more creativity. 

In reality, MORE perfectly reflects my slow gifting philosophy.

More handmade.
More local shopping.
More time without screens.
More cards made with love.
More experiencing.
More beautifully wrapped gifts.

When did gifting get so material, anyway?
gift from your heart - not from your wallet.

and how can you incorporate slow gifting into your life?
plan ahead.
visit local markets, shops and craft shows.
think about investing in one beautifully made item instead of five cheaper plastic ones.
teach your children about gratitude and manage their expectations about gifts
gift for the connection, for spending time with someone, for brightening someone's day.
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