April 28, 2014

Handmade Necklaces for Big & Little

A few weeks ago, I bought the supplies for a little DIY project for myself.  Painted bead necklaces. When I sat down with my supplies, NJ wanted to help too.
So I got creative.

At the top of my mind was a project I had seen in the most recent edition of my Crafting Connections magazine.  A project using small balls or marbles to swirl paint around in a closed container.

I thought, why not put paint in a container and let her swirl some wooden beads around inside, giving a marbled paint effect that she can do easily with her 3 year old hands.

I glanced around the kitchen for a container that would be suitable - empty (clean) yogurt containers waiting for recycling. Perfect.

We filled the yogurt containers with coloured paint. Purple & blue.  Yellow & gold. 

We sealed the top with a small piece of wax paper and a....hair elastic (also lying around in the kitchen). 

Shake, shake, shake!

The unveiling.....

Roll the beads around on a paper towel to remove excess paint. Let dry overnight. I also sealed the beads with a clear semi-gloss coating.  Tie on a string or leather cord to make a necklace.
NJ is wearing her beaded necklace proudly.  She made it herself! 

Creativity with your children doesn't have to be complicated.  Just use your imagination and begin. 

Our finished necklaces. My beaded necklaces inspired by several DIY tutorials including this one by fine and feathered and this one by little birdie secrets. 


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