March 24, 2014

Introducing Petit Mail

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What can I say?  I'm really excited to announce the launch of Petit Mail. Subscriptions are already selling, grab yours right here.

I created Petit Mail because I'm so passionate about the joy of snail mail for children + I hope you are too. My daughter NJ (age 3) and I always make a habit of going on an adventure to check the mailbox.  She loves to see what has arrived and when we get home, she helps open the envelopes & packages and examines everything inside.  She loves to play with the empty envelopes. Her grandfather (Poppy) build her a small wooden mailbox that we use to "play mail" & hours of fun. 

Amid rising postal costs around the world, people are sending less and less snail mail.  I want her to know the simple joys of receiving a letter, addressed just to her.  I want her to know about stamps, and how to write an address on the outside of an envelope.  Mostly I want to have something fun in the mail each month for her to open, a special surprise just for her!

YOU named the characters - join Olivia and Oliver on monthly adventures by snail mail.  Each month, your child will receive a fun letter via snail mail.  We alternate between stories from Oliver or Olivia each month.

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Letters are:
(+) full-colour, double sided 5x7 inch cards
(+) printed on thick 100 lb cardstock
(+) packaged in fun, bright envelopes featuring stamps, embossing & tape
(+) some months include little extras, like stickers & other goodies

Ideal ages: 3-6

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The first edition of Petit Mail will be sent out to subscribers on April 15th, 2014.  So head on over to the shop and grab your Canada, USA or International subscription before then.  Makes a perfect Spring gift or Easter Basket alternative. 

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  1. I love this idea! So sweet and it would make such a nice gift for a young child.

    1. Thanks Bev! Looking forward to our mini-interview on Linkouture!