March 13, 2014

Handmade Marathon: Joyful Roots

Editor's Note: I have been working with the lovely Kim at Joyful Roots on several projects over the past year and recently purchased one of her gorgeous art pieces. I felt it was certainly time for The Petit Cadeau readers to meet Kim and discover her original art, fabric and other creations. 

(+) Tell us about your business
Joyful Roots was born from my desire to create uplifting and positive art and design to bring into the world. From miniature paintings, to pillows, to original fabric, my creations are meant to inspire and bring joy into peoples lives and homes. I sell my creations in my Etsy shop online.

(+) How did you get started?

I always knew that I wanted to own my own business, but it took me quite some time to figure out exactly what shape it would take. I have degrees in civil engineering and landscape architecture, so at first I started dabbling in residential landscape design. That morphed into a graphic design and website design business. However, in time I began to realize that my true passion has always been hands-on art creation. I’ve been crafting and creating ever since I was very small, so it was a natural move and one that was close to my heart.

(+) The gal/guy behind the business - Tell us about yourself, how do you spend your Saturday mornings, a little glimpse into your life, your family etc.

I’m a new mom to a little boy, who was born mid-October and I also have a step-daughter half the week who is 8 years old. My little guy occupies most of my time right now and we’ll spend much of the day giggling, playing “king of the mountain, taking walks and singing songs.

On a typical Saturday, I would wake up and my darling husband would probably make a fantastic breakfast accompanied by his home-roasted coffee (so delicious). We live five miles from Mexico in Southern Arizona on four acres and are surrounded by ranchland. We are currently in the process of building a chicken coop so that we can get some chickens and we dabble in growing veggies too. If we aren’t found creating, or exploring the nearby artsy town of Bisbee, we are probably out rock-climbing or hiking.

(+) What inspires you? Where does your creativity come from?

One of my biggest inspirations is nature. It’s always been something I’ve drawn energy and inspiration from. On the flip side, I’m inspired by rundown barrios, old towns, the brightly colored Mexican art and architecture, bold patterns, and inspirational words.

(+) What's one thing you would like to improve about your business?

I would like to create more of a cohesiveness and focus in my shop. I have a hard time sticking to one thing because I am constantly getting inspired by something and wanting to explore new mediums. For instance, my husband just bought me a screen-printing kit for Christmas so you can expect to see some screen-printing in my shop soon. I am starting to streamline a bit and also honing in on my personal style. This year I plan to focus much more on pattern and surface design.

I also need to get better at being more outgoing because I want to market my creations to stockists and product manufacturers. One of my big long-term goals is to get some of my designs licensed for fabrics or products. I need to be bold and step out of my comfort zone to contact these companies about licensing. It’s going to happen this year!

(+) What is the best gift you have ever given or received?

The best gifts I have received were all either hand-made or something I could use to create something hand made. I have to say that the screen-printing kit my husband gave me is up toward the top of the list. Some other gifts have been hand-created goodies for my baby. For instance, Alison and some of the other Oh My! Handmade girls all send my babe an amazing box of handmade gifts including one of Alison’s Celebration Bags, a hand-knitted sweater, handmade soaps and some cute cards! Everything in that gift box will be a keepsake and treasure.

(+) How do you celebrate special occasions?

I tend to celebrate things fairly quietly. If I’m celebrating with other people, I like it to be with a small group of close friends or family. I’ve never been the huge party, big blow-out type of gal. However, I do love to make memories, whether it’s through a new experience, a new place, or just by having some good laughs with people I love. Some of my fondest celebrations have been walking the shoreline of Lake Michigan with my love after getting engaged, my bridal shower with my closest ladies in Chicago, my 10th birthday in Cancun Mexico, and a Tucson Potluck Thanksgiving with college friends under a homemade canopy in unexpected rain.

(+) What do you do when you make time for yourself (you and only you)

When I have time to myself it will almost always involved creating. I love getting out my paints and creating something new on canvas or sewing a useful project like the baby carrier I am currently making. Oh, and I suppose once in a while it might include a bubble bath by candlelight. ;)

You can find more Joyful Roots here:

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  1. Love seeing Kim featured on your site!

  2. Thank you so much for featuring me, Alison! I've had so much fun working with you on the mitten exchange and Things Worth Celebrating. I hope we have many more opportunities to collaborate. And I'm so honored to have my artwork in your home. :)

  3. Kim - I always love reading about you! Even your voice in written word makes me smile.