January 23, 2014

Are We "In The Moment" When We Celebrate?

This video has been circulating around the internet for a while now. Have you seen it?

Technology has really changed the way we interact and communicate in the past few years, and when I watched the birthday scene in this video short, it got me thinking about technology and celebrations...

I Forgot My Phone from Miles Crawford on Vimeo.

Are we really in-the-moment during celebrations anymore? 

Would you dare to NOT take any pictures or videos at a party and just try to BE there, making memories?

As a lover of photography, this makes me feel a little stressed, but I'm also curious about a no-technology celebration.  I spent a summer as a wedding photographer, and I've often thought it would be fun to be a special events photographer and capture the at-home birthday parties and special celebrations of others.  Especially using techniques like film or polaroid.  

What if you took a family portrait together before the celebration?

What if there was only one photo to represent a special day.  Would you put more thought into it? Would it mean more?

Food for Thought!


  1. I do think especially with all these phone photograph apps (and particularly being a blogger) it has become increasingly harder to be in the moment; we too often want to "capture" the moment, even though it often removes yourself from it. As a new parent, I want to try to find a balance between capturing the moments of my daughter as she grows up, and just being fully immersed in it.

  2. Hadn't seen the video before. It is very well done. Sad to think there are people who wouldn't "get" it.
    As for celebrations, I think cell phones, etc. etc. etc. should be banned, but capturing a few pics will refresh your memory in years to come (and you will forget!) and provide family history for future generations. KD