November 14, 2013

Creative Wrapping for A Gift Exchange

Welcome to Part 2 of my November Mitten Exchange series. 
If you haven't seen last week's How to Host a Mitten Exchange Post, run, hop, skip, or ease your way over and CHECK IT OUT.  I'll wait.

Four of my lovely girlfriends and I got together on a chilly, Sunday afternoon at my favourite downtown bakery for a holiday mitten exchange.  I asked the girls to get creative with their wrapping and I absolutely LOVE the results. 

We are five friends, all with different styles and personalities.  We laughed and joked that we could tell who brought what gift, just from the wrapping styles. It was a beautiful thing. 

Can you guess which one is mine? I'm willing to bet that many of you can!

(+) thick, luxurious patterned wrap, curled fabric ribbon and 2 hot pink candy sticks 
(+) brown kraft paper wrap, sparkly gift toppers, "happiness always" stamp 
(+) kraft circle box, baker's twine with jingle bells, stamped gift tag 
(+) pretty box, recycled card and satin ribbon 
(+) mittens hidden inside oven mitts, tied with twine (so brilliant!)

If you missed seeing the beautiful mittens that were hidden inside, they are all showcased in last week's post.  You can also visit each of the creatives that participated in this post series:

(+) Handmade red & pink mittens made with 100% pure Icelandic wool from pureIceland
(+) one of a kind upcycled sweater mittens from MadeAgainMittens
(+) Upcycled felted sweater mittens from Wormewoole
(+) Sheep's grey hand knit thrummed mittens from Manda's Mittens.

How would you creatively wrap mittens for a mitten exchange? Share your thoughts in the comments below - I always love to hear from you!


  1. It was so fun to be a part of it. Al - the pictures are wonderful. For everyone else reading - a mitten exchange makes for a wonderful tradition amongst friends.

  2. Oh what beautiful wrapping! And how clever to wrap in an oven mitt! Well done!