October 03, 2013

Holiday Celebration Bags

How do you honour a special holiday or occasion?

Growing up, there would always be a little treat or gift waiting for me at the kitchen table on special occasions, like Easter and Valentine's Day. 

That's why I created these Holiday Celebration Bags - beautiful hand-sewn fabric bags, hand-embroidered with a sentiment for four different holidays and occasions.  The heart and "hooray" can be used for several different types of celebrations. 

These celebration bags are intended to be used year after year, and passed down through generations.  They can be purchased from the Petit Cadeau shop individually, or together as a set of four. 

How to fill your Holiday Celebration bag?

Each bag is sized at 6 inches by 8 inches and is the perfect size for:
(+) cookies, chocolates, or other small treats
(+) a handmade ornament
(+) small toys or books
(+) celebration banners or garlands
(+) cards and gift cards

How would you fill yours?
I can't wait for these Celebration Bags to wait on the table and become a new part of family traditions.