September 11, 2013

How to Host a Tasting Party

Have a hard-to-gift person on your list?
Or just looking for something new and different?
My thoughts usually go to "experiential" gifts - where the gift recipient is actually taking part in something.  This month, I tried a little tasting party as a gift, and I think it would work really well for lot's of occasions.

Think about it for a minute, there are so many different types of interesting food and drink that could be part of a themed tasting party.

Cured Meats

I chose breads for this particular occasion.

I went to one of my favourite local bakeries,  Rocket Foods, and picked out 3 breads, including a glorious dense French bread, a chocolate cranberry almond bread, and a Rye Sourdough variety.

Then I sliced and displayed each on lovely handmade wooden bread boards (you could use almost anything for presentation.

I prepared several different spreads & dips for the bread, including olive oil + balsamic vinaigrette, hummus and butter.  There are so many options that you could choose here - endless possibility.

This gift idea is lovely for bringing family or friends together.

If you like, buy (or make) extras so that your gift recipient can take home his or her favourites, wrapped up in a wooden box or in a basket.

Has this gift idea sparked your imagination?  What would you gift as part of a "tasting party"?


  1. Looks so lovely! I think it would also be great to do a tasting and encourage friends to bring their favourite bread/cheese/etc to share as well.

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  3. Oh, this looks delicious! I'm in. Thinking about a time and a place :)

  4. Great idea Marisa!

    Lori-Ann - it WAS delicious! Would be so fun to experiment with making breads too!

  5. This is such a lovely idea, Alison! Those breads look delicious! I hosted a chocolate tasting party at my house for my friend who was getting married over the summer (an unofficial bridal shower). I bought a bunch of gourmet chocolates when I was in San Francisco and then we all tasted them. There were four of us and we had enough chocolate for 20 people! LOL. We even had a chocolate fountain. Is it possible to have a chocolate hang-over? I think yes!

  6. Oh I want to come! I've hosted cookie exchanges & many a pot luck but I love this idea. Beautifully styled Alison, your photos + posts keep getting lovelier & lovelier!