September 25, 2013

3 Easy Ways to Make Cash Gifts Thoughtful

Sometimes you need a quick gift.
Sometimes it's easy (or just better) to give cash or a gift card.

This doesn't mean you are unthoughtful, or even uncreative. 

Here are my top 3 tips for adding a handmade touch to a cash gift.

1. A handmade card
Doesn't have to be complicated, but think outside the cookie cutter greeting card for a thoughtful touch.  I used colourful, diecut numbers for children's birthday cards this year. 

2. A handmade gift bag
Slip your card + cash into something unique and interesting.  I made a batch of these colourful hand-painted "hip hip hooray" cotton bags using a custom stencil, which serve as creative wrapping/envelopes for my cards (or gift cards).

3. Include a small add-on gift
A small gift that suits the occasion ups the thoughtfulness quotient. Think: chocolate, special birthday candles, a small toy, hair accessories. 

Do you have any fresh ideas for making cash gifts pretty?
Would you like to see these custom stencilled gift bags in the shop?

Leave a comment and share your thoughts!


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