August 11, 2013

Summer Creativity - The Exploration Party

Hello Lovelies!

Are you enjoying your summer? It's passing by oh-so-quickly, isn't it? I couldn't resist popping in to have a little chat with you all, in the midst of my break, and sharing a few thoughts.

If you remember my last post, I wrote about slowing down, and being creative.  I'm making space for more creativity during my summer break

I can't even begin to tell you how many times people look at me and say, "oh you're so creative" or, "I wish I was creative like that". 

I'm going to let you in on a big-time secret right now, are you ready for it?

You Are Creative.

Seriously. Don't believe me?  Keep reading, I'm going to tell you some of my tips for being creative, and how I've been exploring my own creativity this summer.  It's all about openness and adventure.

My Summer of Creative Exploration

Tip #1: Set aside time for being creative.
This is the key to it all - just doing it. 
I'm usually working on some kind of project at least once a week. 
I'm the same as you.  I have a toddler and a husband and a full-time day job that doesn't involve anything crafty or creative, plus all of the other "life" things that we all have going on.
I set aside at least one night per week, and once the house is quiet, I get working on my projects - no TV, no social media, just me and my project. The secret is out!

Tip #2: Be Brave.  Just Try it.
Want to know one of my current projects? 
I'm sewing cloud pillows.  They are really cool. 
They have also been "in-progress" for a while. I drew my own pattern shape with a sharpie marker on white paper.  I went to the fabric store and picked out cool fabric.  I'm now in the sewing stage.
Machine sewing is fairly new to me - my hand-drawn pattern looked cool on paper, but didn't translate very well to the pillow.  The cloud was too bumpy.  

I was a bit discouraged at first, but it's all about exploring new things right? 
With a bit of experimenting I am adapting my pattern without having to completely re-do the pillows, and the experience of trying something new is making me happy.  

Tip #3: Bring a friend (or join others)
I love photography and have been trying to take more photos this summer.
Sometimes I put a lot of pressure on myself to always take a "good" photo, and then I end up not taking any at all. 

I needed new blog photos, so I asked my friend Alison if she would help me out.  We seriously had the BEST time. We were laughing and chatting - it was so much fun. Look at what she accomplished (sneak peek!) - these will be the photos for my "about" page, guest posts for other blogs, etc. 

I've also joined The August Break 2013 - a community of individuals, bloggers, and photographers taking photos everyday, just for the fun of it.  It's been really inspiring and helps to keep the creative juices flowing. 

I'm having a lot of fun following the prompts each day. and finding new ways of seeing the world. 

Prompts:  (+) Yellow (+) Close-Up (+) Play

So, maybe there's something that you've always wanted to try, but you just don't think you're creative enough.  Summer is the perfect time to explore.  

If I can do it, you can do it too. 

Sign up for a class, look for fun tutorials or communities online, set aside some time and just. BEGIN.

This post is part of the Exploration Party – a celebration of our inner explorers, led by Tara Swiger of Explore You. You can find other tales of adventure from artists, crafters, writers and biz smarties – and share your own story – right here.


  1. I adore this Alison! It is amazing how many creative people don't make time to play without expectations of outcome-I love how your pillow forced you to try, revaluate & try again! Tara had such a fabulous idea with this Exploration Party!

  2. I love your tips for being creative! And I LOVE your cloud pillows! What a great example of trying something, learning from it, and trying again!
    Thanks so much for partying with me!

  3. I love the message you are sharing. Yes, Yes, Yes! People say the same thing to me "you are so creative!" When I respond "you are, too, because you do _____ thing!, they always just give me a look. But yes, anyone can be creative or learn to be more creative with time and EXPLORATION!

    Thanks for sharing!
    xx Kate

  4. Such wonderful comments so far! The pillow was certainly an experiment -it seemed so simple at first - I think the key is really not giving up on something right away if it doesn't go the way you expected!

    @kate - so awesome that you're connecting with what i 'm saying! Maybe we all need to put a bit more creative encouragement into the world!

  5. Such a fun and inspiring post, Alison! Your cloud pillows are so cute and I love how you committed to exploring through the process. I love the pictures of you...they are so natural and light-hearted. And don't you love how belonging to a creative group like that keeps you on track with creating something everyday? Your photos are fun!

  6. Thank You Allison! Great reminder. I do need to set aside some time to just play and not focus on the outcome. Your pillows are so fun, your photos are as well. The shots of you are great, very personable.