June 27, 2013

Thoughtful Gifting: A Manifesto

I've been wanting to try journaling for a while now, so I picked up a lovely, compact journal from local shop Urchin Art & Papery.  It's got gorgeous thick paper for writing or art, and putting words to paper feels like a little luxury.  Of course, then I felt like signing up for a special art journaling class at The Paperie in August.  Excited for that! 

This space is slowly becoming exactly what I want it to be and I share posts here that fit my overall philosophy of gifting. I sat down with my new journal to think about exactly what it is I believe. These beliefs will continue to move the blog forward, and will influence the posts found both here on the blog, and through thoughtful celebrations

What do you think?  Do you agree with my gifting philosophy? Would you add something to this list?  

p.s. I've been so inspired by this post ::: Art Journaling with Your Toddler
I think it would also be an amazing project with kids and teens.


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