May 08, 2013

Thoughtful Gift For Mom That Lasts All Year

I've got a bonus post for you this week.

I've been collaborating with Zina from Let's Lasso the Moon (look for her post here in early June). 

This post is my creative brainchild for Mother's Day, combining my love of snail mail with thoughts for Mom all year round. 

I also link to some fab printable notecards and stationery. 
What are you waiting for?  Head over to Zina's blog and check it out for yourself!

Bonus printable stationery:

(+) Gorgeous floral cards from The Alison Show blog.  (STILL wishing I came up with this name first!)
(+) Printable floral notepaper from The Languid Lion. 
(+) Follow me on Pinterest for all kinds of lovely inspiration. 


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