April 18, 2013

Surprise Envelopes - Easy DIY Gifting

In need of a quick but thoughtful gift?  You can whip something like this together in an afternoon and it feels really special (at least I think so).  

Grab several gift gift certificates related to a theme.  I chose "coffee lover" and picked up gift certificates for several local coffee spots. 

Pop each gift certificate into a handmade envelope (full tutorial for these envelopes coming in next week's post) and number each envelope.  

Include some instructions: 
1. Pick a Day  2. Pick an envelope  3. Enjoy coffee at a surprise location.  I used a die-cutter  to create this cool pull-tab shape and dropped it down inside it's own matching envelope.

What type of gift cards or goodies would you put inside a set of surprise envelopes? Next week I will share my step by step instructions for creating these easy-to-make custom envelopes. 

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