April 08, 2013

A brand new look!

Have you seen?  Of course you have!  
The Petit Cadeau blog has a brand new look (logo & branding) thanks to Geri at The Languid Lion

I've been wanting to give the blog a more professional look for a while now, and been wanting to have branding elements that could be incorporated into the launch of my online shop as well (coming Summer 2013). Geri and I have even taken it one step further, and have incorporated elements that will be used in my product packaging as well.  Coming from a business background, it was important for me to have these pieces in place before moving forward.  

This move was a bit of a LEAP for me, but I took the plunge.  Sometimes you just have to move a little outside your comfort zone to move from good, to GREAT!

Geri and I worked together for several months (she's in Ontario and I'm in Newfoundland), to create a "look" that was perfect for me.  We had MANY e-mails, numerous rounds of revisions and even a couple of Skype chats (sometimes it's just to easier to explain something to someone when you can SEE them and talk to them). 

I'm so, so happy with the results.  

When I think of gifting, I think of the treasured brown paper package that would arrive in the mail at Christmas time from far-away relatives.  Those boxes were so special.   They would sit unopened for a while, building anticipation, and then we would open the box together as a family.  Inside were little treasures (it was never a huge box) and usually some beautiful handmade items.  

Geri created a hand-drawn parcel, tied with string to get that timeless feeling. The ribbon has a pop of celebratory colour, to keep things vibrant and emphasize the importance of celebrating (no matter what the gift). These are things that I believe in, strongly, and I think this branding captures the simplicity and beauty of thoughtful gifting.

Hope you love it as much as I do.

Have you considered giving your blog or shop a makeover?  Are you considering a big LEAP in your life right now? Feel free to ask questions, I'm happy to share my journey with you.



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