March 04, 2013

The Part Time Blogger

The Part Time Blogger {Some tidbits to begin your week}

I have been sick this week.  Quite sick.  Home in bed sick.
If you know me well, being sick and lying around is SO not my style, although I clearly needed the rest. After five days, I'm finally starting to feel better. The weather is wet and dreary, but it still feels good to be out of the house and moving.

Here is some thoughtful inspiration to begin your week:

Print by Jessica Rose: vol25

(+) What are some things you are grateful for right now? Lately, I am grateful for:
Blankets//tea//sleep//connecting with the perfect supplier for my soon-to-be-launched shop//lazy Sunday mornings//warmth//

(+) Gretchen Rubin asks:  What Am I Really Complaining About?

(+) I saw this 11 year old girl sing with Serena Ryder.  It was amazing, the video doesn't do it justice at all. Also, this song is just. yeah.

(+) My dear online friend Geri is helping me rebrand The Petit Cadeau, and she just launched her new online home.  Be SURE to check it out. (Also, can't WAIT to reveal the new logo & brandmarks to you - so EXCITING).

(+) This envelope bunting is fairly high on my "must-make-soon" list. So sweet.

(+) I'm in the process of cleaning up & editing my Pinterest boards. Be sure to visit my Easter & Father's Day board for ongoing gift inspiration.


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