March 28, 2013

Rainbow Hand Kite Party Favors {Guest Post}

Alison's Note: A warm welcome to Jahje of Baby Jives Co. who has created a fantastic guest post tutorial for these oh-so-simple rainbow hand kites.  They make perfect party favors for young children and would also be a quick last-minute addition to an Easter basket! 

Last month my daughter turned 1 and it was rainbow overload at my house. You can see some of the results on my blog

Elodie is obsessed with ribbons so for the party favors I made waldorf rainbow hand kites. They are incredibly easy to make and require nothing more than a pair of scissors and your able hands. I actually finished mine while our first guests were arriving for the birthday party *always last minute*

To make them you will need:
(+) Spools of 1/4 inch satin ribbon in red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet available at any craft or sewing shop 
(+) 2 1/2 inch wooden teething ring (I bought this)
(+) scissors

Step One
Cut approximately 24 inch lengths of each color ribbon. 

Step Two
Find the midpoint of each ribbon and tie them using a double knot onto the wooden ring in rainbow order: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet 

Step Three
Trim the excess at the ends of the ribbons to make them all the same length. You can now use a flame to seal the end of the ribbon (if it is polyester) or simply leave the end raw if you use silk and trim from time to time as needed

Step Four
Enjoy! As you can see Elodie knew just what to do with her rainbow hand kite.

Have fun and inspire wonder everyday!

You can find out more about Jahje's beautiful handmade mobiles and artwork here: 

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