March 07, 2013

Creative Easter Basket Goodies

In case you haven't noticed, I've been getting crafty with wool felt lately.  It's so easy to cut and use.  Someone who is almost TWO, loves to play pretend in her kitchen, and for some reason, is OBSESSED with eggs.  So, I thought what better project than to make some little felt "sunny side up" eggs for her Easter basket?

(this is my attempt to out-do myself from last year's Easter basket project.  I think I've succeeded, if for no other reason than my witty "sunny side up!" theme - note the toddler-sized sunglasses!)

Want to make your own felt eggs "sunny side up"? 

(+) Cut 2 pieces of white wool felt (I drew out a little template on paper first, but you could easily just cut freehand as well)
(+) Cut 1 circle of yellow wool felt. 

(+) Hand stitch the yellow circle onto the first piece of white felt. I didn't want my stitches to show, so I kind of tucked the felt under as I went, giving the egg a little bit of a more realistic look (you could easily just stitch the yellow part on flat as well!)

(+) Hand stitch the two pieces of white felt together (adding the second piece of felt allows you to hide your stitching from the yellow piece)

(+) Package felt eggs together with some wooden eggs (found at our local craft supply store) in a recycled egg carton.  Add sunglasses for a bit of whimsey.

Voila! My 2013 toddler Easter baskets.  I had to add a pair of bunny ears on a headband, just for fun.  The Easter baskets are handmade, and will be used year after year.  It creates tradition for celebrating. 

Want more Easter inspiration for young children? 
Here's last year's Easter basket, or why not creatively package treats for older children in a mason jar? 

What are you including something creative in your Easter baskets this year?  Leave a comment below and let me know. 

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