February 28, 2013

Card Inspiration: Washi Tape Garland

Do you ever try to create with a deadline?  This card was recreated at least 10 times before I was happy with the result, but now I think I've achieved the look I was hoping for. Something simple, fun and celebratory.  I designed this card to be featured on the blog of local shop The Paperie.  Stay tuned, they have created a card tutorial for me as well, to be featured soon. 

 Want to make one of your own?

(+) Create small washi tape "tassels"by cutting a length of washi tape, then folding it in half (sticky side to sticky side).  Fold the tape in half, this time lengthwise, to make it narrow and more like a ribbon (easier to work with).

(+) Tie the washi tape "ribbon" onto a small wooden dowel.  Once tight,  use a sharp pair of scissors to cut the tape lengthwise, creating the fringe/tassel.

(+) Use heat embossing to create a slightly raised version of a greeting or sentiment - I used "hip, hip hooray!" (by the way, have you ever tried heat embossing?  It's one of my new favourite techniques for cards).

(+) Use a small sponge brush to swipe hot pink ink over the greeting.

(+) To complete the card,  use two pieces of matching washi tape to attach the wooden dowel to the card.

What do you think of my new way to love washi?

Want more washi tape inspiration?  Be sure to check out my tutorial for washi tape wrap address labels


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