January 24, 2013

Envelope Gift Series: Filling Your Envelope Book

Do you remember the post I wrote about creating Envelope Books a while back?

I can FINALLY reveal what I put inside the TEN envelope books that I made.  Yes, ten.  I haven't previously been able to reveal much, as I sent these envelope books (snail mail, of course) to ten friends as a birthday surprise. Inspired by Melanie's Birthday Party in a Box, I created envelope books filled with small celebration items.

Each envelope book was the same, with the same handmade goodies inside each envelope.  Want to see?

The first envelope contained a handmade card with birthday wishes from me.  I put little notes on the outside of each envelope and used washi tape to hold everything together.

The second envelope contained a set of handmade beeswax birthday candles.  You could also use extra skinny taper candles, or anything else to make the occasion a little extra special!

Envelopes three and four contained:

(+) little handmade garlands made with washi tape - some I cut like flags, and others I punched using a small heart punch.  I love that these can be used over and over by the recipient for all kinds of special celebrations.  In fact, I've seen some of my friends using theirs already, which makes my heart smile.

(+) hand cut fabric confetti.  Here's my pile of assorted vintage fabrics in progress (clearly before ironing!)

To me, this is the ultimate in snail mail gifts!  Everything is small, lightweight, handmade and thoughtful.

With friends living far and wide, this was my way to send a little celebration and JOY to them in the mail.  What is the best gift you have ever sent (or received) in the mail?

The Part Time Blogger (sharing tidbits from my everyday life)

(+) Cinnamon roll + cappuccino from my fave local bakery/coffee shop

(+) Cannot stop singing this tune.  We just bought tickets to see her live. 
(+) Love this quote.  I've been sharing it everywhere. 
(+) Have you read this story about mothers taking photos with their children.  You should. I'm guilty.  So this week I took some candid shots like this. 

(+) Don't forget to give me your feedback - time is running out!  Readers have given me some GREAT suggestions, and I love that some of my friends have also filled it out (I have the greatest friends).  

An added bonus: I may follow-up with some of you, and some readers may even get personalized gift suggestions from me in a post.  You never know what greatness may come from answering ten simple questions!

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