November 16, 2012

Countdown to Christmas!

Last year, I created a set of free Advent Calendar/Holiday Countdown activity printables and it has remained the most popular post on my blog to-date.  

This year, I decided to recreate the set and offer a new 2012 version! 

The 2012 printable set features:

(+) 5.5 pages of advent calendar or holiday countdown CARDS (a few activities have been updated from last year's set). 

(+) The majority of the cards revolve around experiences and family time vs. material gifts

(+) These cards feature a plain background and text, and are designed to be printed and embellished in any way you choose! 

(+) Extra options, allowing you to pick and choose items that are most relevant, or change some cards from year to year.

How can you use these free printable activity cards?

(+) Use them with an existing advent calendar, or countdown calendar

(+) Create your own advent calendar or countdown calendar like these gorgeous options from Marisa at Omiyage.

Option 1: DIY Glam Glassine Advent Calendar Option 2: DIY Kraft + Washi Tape Advent Calendar.  

(+) Use them on their own for fun little activity surprises

(+) Use in combination with small gifts or goodies

(+) Use in any other way you choose! (I would love to see what you do with them!)

Ready for your activity cards?  Of course you are!

(+) Download the template here

(+) Print on heavy cardstock.  I recommend Kraft cardstock (shown here)

(+) Get out your craft supplies: stamps, ink, glitter, washi tape, buttons, add-on embellishments & anything else you choose to decorate your activity cards

(+) Visit my Advent Calendar Series of posts for more inspiration and ideas  

(+) Enjoy!

Terms of Use

Printable files are for personal use only. Please do not distribute the printable file.  I am happy to have you blog about this post, or use photos from this post, but please only do so with proper credit and a link back to this site & post.  

Want more inspiration?
(+) For creative holiday gift ideas, wrapping and card inspiration, be sure to visit my Pinterest boards. 

(+) Find beautiful handmade holiday countdown calendars in my shop.

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  1. Awesome activity ideas and I love that each card can be embellished after printing. Thank you so much for sharing these!!!

  2. Is it still possible to access the advent ticket pdf that already has the cards decorated? I LOVE IT! (and boy oh boy would it save me a bunch of time over having to decorate them myself!)

    1. Hi Marie,
      I'm thinking that you mean the 2011 version of the countdown calendar activities? I've retired that printable BUT a couple of suggestions to make these printables fairly simple:

      - all versions needed to be cut out, so you keep the decorations low-key by pasting the activity cards to festive or holiday themed cardstock.
      - print the activity sheets on red cardstock

      Remember, it doesn't have to be elaborate - it's the thought and time spent together as family that counts the most!