October 06, 2012

Handmade Marathon - Day #6 (Happy Penguin Press)

Editor's Note

Welcome to DAY SIX of the Handmade Marathon.  

I have a secret crush on letterpress. I think the art that can be created through letterpress is absolutely beautiful, and I also love the textures that are created in thick, strong paper.  The offerings from Happy Penguin Press are gorgeous, so be sure to check them out!

About Happy Penguin Press

Happy Penguin Press is a letterpress stationery company based in Birmingham, AL. Our cards focus on a simple aesthetic inspired by nature with an eco-friendly mindset (all of our cards are printed on 100% tree-free paper, and even our packaging is biodegradable). Our sketches are designed and drawn by hand and are often inspired by our travels. Most of all, our message focuses on finding happiness in your everyday life, something our soon-to-come 2013 line will especially represent 

Happy Penguin Press began years ago, in July 2009. It existed for a long time as a quiet love affair with the art of letterpress and all things stationery inside the small one-room apartment that my husband I called home, designing and printing custom wedding invitations and Christmas cards for our friends and family. In May of 2012, we finally took the leap and opened Happy Penguin Press to the rest of the world, and we've been as excited as we can be ever since. From purchasing our own printing press to attending our first letterpress conference, the months since May 2012 have been action-packed and full of excitement. We can't wait to continue this journey we've embarked on.

You can explore more Happy Penguin Press here:

p.s. like something?  don't forget to grab your free printable wish list, created by Geri of The Languid Lion to jot down all of your fave items from the Handmade Marathon. 


  1. The letterpress process is one of the oldest forms of printing and one of the most increasingly popular trends in printing today. It relies on a physical representation of each letter being inked and then pressed against the paper – that’s why it’s both so interesting and expensive.Love your work, congratulations!

  2. Letterpress really is an amazing art form, isn't it? It also boggles my mind, because the machinery looks so complicated! I have a lot of respect for artists who can take those big pieces of equipment and churn out delicate, sweet paper delights. Your work is wonderful, by the way! I love your style.

  3. What beautiful cards!