October 03, 2012

Handmade Marathon - Day #3 (The Cozy Project)

Editor's Note:

Welcome to DAY THREE of the Handmade Marathon.  

A couple of years ago, I used handmade coffee cozies as a small gift for friends at Christmas.  They make excellent stocking stuffers and also make fantastic envelope gifts, don't you think? These cozies are handmade by Jenny in Portland, OR in fun colours and patterns & I particularly love the ones with buttons. 

About the Cozy Project

I make handmade crocheted cozies for beverages.. originally for paper coffee cups, but they also fit cold cups, water bottles, pint glasses, cans, and mason jars. I sell on Etsy and at local fairs in Portland, Oregon. 

I love to give handmade gifts and made my first cozy for a friend. It was so fun to make and the creative possibilities were endless. Everyone loved them and insisted I make more and at some point I became unable to stop. I finally decided that in order to support my yarn habit and maintain space in my apartment for living that I needed to do something productive with them and an Etsy shop seemed like the perfect plan. I really love having a shop and I feel honored when people choose me to make their handmade gifts.

You can explore more Cozy Project here:

p.s. like something?  don't forget to grab your free printable wish list, created by Geri of The Languid Lion to jot down all of your fave items from the Handmade Marathon. 


  1. I love those cozy holders, espeally the ones with buttons I agree with Alison, congratulations Jenny , beautiful handmade work.!

  2. I love this artist! Her work is just adorable! Shared via my two twitter accounts! :)

  3. So cute!! Jenny, I love your shop! I love the ones with hearts. Congrats on your success!

    Alison, I'm loving this series so far!