October 21, 2012

Handmade Marathon - Day #21 (Barrel and a Heap)

Editor's Note:

Welcome to DAY TWENTY ONE of the Handmade Marathon. 

Shopping for a new baby? Carissa from Barrel and a Heap has got you covered.  Her handmade burp cloths, adjustable bibs, diaper covers and baby blankets all have fun and playful patterns, and your thoughtful gift is sure to be appreciated!

About Barrel and a Heap

My diaper covers are water resistant and super cute.  Made with a layer of PUL fabric on the inside and a knit/cotton patterned fabric on the outside, they don't sacrifice style for function.  Each cover is sized to fit different sized babies for an extended period of time.  Small covers fit 8-20 lbs, medium fit 18-28 lbs, and large fit 25-40 lbs (my niece is 1 year old in a week and she still fits a size small).  I also have matching bibs and burp cloths that make for a great baby shower gift set!

I started Barrel and a Heap after my sister asked me to make some diaper covers for my niece.  She was having her first baby and was having a hard time finding inexpensive, adorable covers.  I figured that if she was having a hard time finding covers, other people had to be having a hard time too.  I absolutely love making covers and have since started making bibs, toys, quilts, burps cloths, pillow covers, and onesies.  I love making little kids look like little adults so I choose a lot of fabric that isn't strictly baby fabric.  I have a HUGE shop update coming up soon and can't wait to show off some of my new products.

You can explore more Barrel and a Heap here:

p.s. like something?  don't forget to grab your free printable wish list, created by Geri of The Languid Lion to jot down all of your fave items from the Handmade Marathon. 


  1. Those owls are super fun! Love it.

  2. Those diaper cover are so adorable and fun, I love the prints.