September 27, 2012

Gift Wish List (Free Printable)

In case you missed my gift giving tip last week, there's absolutely nothing wrong with a gift WISH LIST (in my humble opinion). Some might argue that it takes away from the magic and fun of gift giving, but, I think more often than not, people struggle with gift giving.  Do you agree?

With The Handmade Marathon starting in just a few more days, I thought, "what better time 
to share a printable gift wish list with you"!  The Handmade Marathon will be just the right time to make note of so many lovely handmade goodies, perfect for gift giving.

I went to my wonderful blogging friend Geri from The Languid Lion and asked if she would make something special just for us......and she said yes!

Click below to download your very own copy and print as many wishlists as you want! Write up your wish list and hand them out to anyone who might be struggling to buy you the perfect gift.

Geri is a graphic designer & the owner of The Languid Lion, a blog and online shop celebrating love & the art of handmade. Be sure to visit Geri & say hello!

1 comment:

  1. What a great post, Alison... I love your wish list and am so happy that I was able to help you out... anything I can do to help you with your amazing Handmade Marthon is my absolute pleasure ;-)

    **ps... I thought I had posted this on Thursday, but my iPhone obviously didn't agree! Sorry ;-)