July 19, 2012

Capturing Moments is a Gift

Capturing moments and memories is a very important part of my world.  In January, I wrote about capturing everyday moments as a gift you can give to yourself. 

It's harder to capture moments together as a family (unless you have some fancy wireless camera equipment, and even then, the moment is a lot more posed than spontaneous). 

If you are looking for a special gift idea, I personally believe that the gift of photography is a beautiful way to go.  Most photographers offer gift certificates - and the results produce a thoughtful and lasting gift.  

Here is a little sneak peek at one of our recent family photos!

Some thoughts on great recipients for a photography gift?

(+) new parents - a certificate for a newborn session would be a wonderful baby shower gift.
(+) families with children of any age
(+) grandparents - a photo session with the grandchildren would make a special and lasting memory
(+) engaged couples
(+) couples celebrating a special anniversary

If the cost is too much for an individual gift, consider getting together as a group to gift a lasting memory.

Here's my little girl when she was 3 weeks old!

We love, love, love our local family photographer Maggie Langer!  She has captured these beautiful moments for us, and we look forward to many more in the future.  Our photos are lovingly displayed in our home and we see them every day.

Have you ever gifted a photography session? Would you think about it now?
I always love hearing from you, leave me a note in the comments section below!


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