May 04, 2012

Snail Mail is a Gift

You know what makes me a little sad?  Two things really.

The first, is that I have a pretty mailbox, but it doesn't see much action because all of our mail comes to a boring old street box.

The second, is when I check the mail, and there is absolutely nothing there.  EMPTY.  I love getting mail, and hope you do too!

Here's a way to make your mail a little more fun!

I recently exchanged some little gifts in the mail with my blogging friend Katie from Lemon Jitters.  She's the one who created those fabulous Valentine's day gift toppers for you!

Here's a little sample of a few things I sent Katie.

(+) Printable gift tags from Creature Comforts blog (which I previously featured in this post), cut out and embellished with pretty ribbon.

(+) Fabulous printable cake or drink flags from Love vs Design, which I just adore (I did all of the cutting and putting together work, so that Katie could just enjoy!).

Image Source: Lemon Jitters

Katie sent me lot's of fun goodies as well, including:

(+) all kinds of great paper embellishments for gift wrapping and card making - here's a little sample! (I especially love the yellow "you make me happy"tag)


(+) these gorgeous handmade earrings, which I have been wearing all the time!

What's better than getting a fun surprise gift in the mail?
So get out there and ask a friend if they want to exchange an envelope full of little goodies via SNAIL MAIL!  You will get so much joy from the exercise, I promise!

Speaking of Snail Mail......and Snails.....
I'm participating in a fun little activity for my blogging friend Laura's upcoming Cupcakes for Clara product launch! She's offering a week full of freebies (great for kids!) and if you read carefully, you might even find one of these goodies here on The Petit Cadeau blog!

Follow the SNAIL TRAIL and collect free goodies! Seven days, Seven snails, Seven Goodies.

Want to get started? Click HERE to join in the fun!


  1. I <3 snail mail too, it really can cheer up a miserable day when a lovely parcel arrives. Both the one you sent and the one you recived were lovely.

    Donna x

  2. Oh I love snail mail too. Found your blog through the snail trail and glad I did :) a new follower for sure
    Emma x

  3. Thank you so much for joining in with the snail trail! How cute are those printable flags?! Adorable!

  4. Thanks for dropping by for a visit Donna and Emma!