April 02, 2012

Toddler Easter Baskets

I really love the time of year around Easter.  Maybe it's because Spring is finally in the air - the days are a little longer, the air feels lighter, the sky is a little more blue.

This year I made a toddler-friendly Easter basket - there are lot's of great basket "stuffers" in the stores, but staying true to my blog values, I wanted to make something with more of a handmade and homemade focus!

I was able to achieve this with some fantastic DIY tutorials!

1. Handmade bunny finger puppet from one of my favourite new blogs - The Alison Show! What's not to love about this blog?  We have the same name, we both have tiny humans of the girl variety, she's CRAFTY and she knows it!  Full printable pattern and tutorial on Alison's Blog - all for free!

2. A pretty embroidery hair clip made from the tutorial at According to Kelly.  I think this is just lovely, and I'm quite happy with my first attempt.  I hand-stamped a little tag to make it pretty.  Would make great little gifts for a girl in your life!

3. Carrot treats inspired by event stylist Loralee Lewis.  The "carrots" are filled with child-friendly cheese crackers, a nice alternative to chocolate and candy. I think these are just the sweetest, and so creative!

4. A handmade purple terry washcloth Boo Boo bunny.  Fits the Easter theme perfectly, and is great for all of those toddler bumps and scrapes.  I followed the photo tutorial from Better Life Blog.  These are so easy to make - one I did a practice run, it literally took me about 1 minute to make one.  What's a Boo Boo Bunny?  You keep this little bunny in the freezer, and when a bump or bruise comes along, you place an ice cube inside and apply.

A note: I used a hair elastic to hold it all together instead of an elastic band as I thought that might be a little more toddler friendly. 

5. I couldn't resist a sweet little board book shaped like a rabbit.  It has more of a Spring theme than just Easter specifically, which lasts much longer for reading!

The most fabulous handmade Easter basket came from Etsy Seller RoxyCreations and will be used as our special Easter packaging year after year.

Welcome to Spring Everyone!

Want more Easter basket filler inspiration?  Be sure to check out this post.

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  1. You HAVE to be kidding me! That bunny is SOOO CUTE! Seriously I'm dying! I LOOVE what you did with it! Thank you so much for your kind words! Your blog is super cute! Let's keep in bloggy touch :)