March 14, 2012

Inspired Wrapping: Flower Tag Tutorial

I'm very pleased to have Laura from Cupcakes for Clara provide you with a lovely guest post today - an easy and simple DIY flower tag.  Laura is helping me continue to bring you inspired content while I am in the final stages of finishing my Master's thesis!  Many thanks to you Laura. 


White card stock
Pretty patterned paper
Cotton thread in a contrasting colour to patterned paper
Small beads to match cotton
Thin ribbon
Thin needle
Hole punch
Scissors / craft knife
Glue / double-sided tape


1. Copy and cut out the pattern pieces below.  Cut two tag shapes from the white card stock and one flower shape from the patterned paper. 

2. Glue the flower to one of the tags. Asymmetrically embroider the flower to the tag, first by carefully making holes through the card with the needle before threading the cotton.

3. Sew three beads onto the centre of the flower and add a few line details, as shown in the picture.

4. Using glue or double-sided tape carefully line up and attach the second tag to the back of the first, covering up the backside of the stitching.

5. Punch a hole in the top of the tag and loop through a ribbon.

I love it, don't you?  We'd love to hear your feedback on this tutorial.  Happy Gifting!


  1. ohhhhh, it soo beautiful.I´ve looking for something like that, but the tip in doing the holes first, well, it´s just great!
    I´m already starting one whith a heart and planning the next that will be a cat.Thanks!♥

  2. Great idea! I cant wait to try it.

  3. Ooh, these are lovely! Love that you use close ups for the tutorial.
    PS: What's your thesis about?