February 03, 2012

Project Letter Writing

Don't you just love real, tangible mail?

I do.  I don't get nearly enough of it (and you probably don't either).  Today I checked the mail after two snowy days hoping for some great find, aaaaand Nada.  Two flyers.

This is part of the reason why I like shopping online, because the result is that there are little goody packages waiting in the mail for me :)

On the VERY last day of January (luck? fate?) I stumbled across Project Letter Writing from the blog a la mode (like the name!).  The whole idea is that you write a letter or a card (yep, with pen and paper) to someone once a month.

Can I just say. I. love. this.

I do send things in the mail (usually handmade birthday cards) fairly frequently, but I just love this letter writing idea.

As it was already the last day of the month, I figured I should get to work, so I headed to my crafty cupboard to see what I could find.

(Realization #1: I have cards of various sorts, but absolutely 0 stationary.  Must fix this).

Anyway, I decided to put together a little something really quickly.

I had recently printed these lovely little notecards from Becky Higgins, and the "hello" card was just perfect.

Image Source: Becky Higgins

I simply added it to a blank card and attached a little knotted ribbon embellishment.  Voila!

So my first letter is written and mailed (just in time).  I'll be more organized for February.  I'd like to send a letter to someone different each month.  Some months it might be combined with something from my Envelope Gift Series.

Do you like to send and receive mail?  You should join in Project Letter Writing (you never know when someone might send you a letter back!)

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  1. I'm so glad you found us and are joining the fun. 12 cards and letters a year seems easy enough, right?! Well, I even sent my card out on the last day of the month. But WE did it!

    Thanks for spreading the project. I hope we can get many more to join us.