February 28, 2012

Great Gifts Product Review: Cupcakes for Clara

If you have a little girl, or know a little girl, this post is for you!

I have been excited about writing this Great Gifts Product Review post from the moment a special envelope with these products arrived in my mailbox.

Cupcakes for Clara

Clara is a grumpy little girl in paper-doll format, created by the lovely Laura Clempson in the UK, whom I have been corresponding with for some time now.

My package for review was wrapped in bright orange paper (my favourite - maybe that's why I've taken such a liking to Clara!) and contained the following items:

(+) Clara doll + a full set of Signature outfits.
(+) Clara doll + a full set of Winter outfits.
(+) A set of 4 single outfit cards for Clara.
(+) A little note from Laura on a "Cupcakes for Clara" notecard + her gorgeous business cards.

If you want to know more about Clara, you should follow my steps!

1. I started by visiting Cupcakes for Clara.
2. I wanted to find out a little bit more about Clara's character, so I clicked the link all about Clara!

Clara has her own little story, and her personality really shines!

Some things I love...

(+) The Clara dolls come with a lovely large envelope, perfect for storing Clara and her outfits once they have been cut out.
(+) Paper dolls inspire imaginative thinking - in my opinion, there are just too many battery-operated toys out there.
(+) Clara and her clothes are printed on nice, thick card stock, perfect for the wear and tear of play!
(+) Laura has created a fantastic little character with a BIG personality!  These make perfect envelope gifts (the right size for sending a lovely gift in the mail).

Some things that I think would be fun...

(+) Clara's story is great, but as a new-ish reader, I only found a few brief mentions of her twin sister Macy.  Even though I know it's ALL ABOUT CLARA, I was curious about Macy and I figured that Laura had probably developed her character a little more at some point before I started reading, so I went to the "search" box and typed in "Macy" - sure enough, I found a little bit about Macy!  Would love to see a little link to the Macy story in the "all about Clara" section (even if it's waaaayyy down at the bottom, out of sight, so as not to make Clara grumpy).

(+) I think Laura may have a Clara storybook in the works, which I think would be a fantastic addition, to bring Clara's story together with the paper dolls.

(+) Don't you think it would be great to have a kid's design challenge to create outfits for Clara?  After all, they are the ones who play with Clara.

Want more Cupcakes for Clara?

(+) See more dolls and outfits (plus other fun things) in the shop
(+) Follow Cupcakes for Clara on Twitter
(+) Visit the Cupcakes for Clara Facebook Page

...and here's the really fun part!

We're hosting a Cupcakes for Clara GIVEAWAY later this week!! Be sure to follow along, and stay tuned!

Interested in having your product included in a "Great Gifts Product Review"?  Connect with me at thepetitcadeau {at} gmail {dot} com for more details!


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