February 20, 2012

Envelope Gift Series: Balloon Bouquet

Continuing  with the Envelope Gift Series - inspired gifts that can be sent in the mail - I absolutely couldn't wait any longer to share this idea with you! It's -so- creative!

Victoria, from A Subtle Revelry, comes up with the most fabulous ideas.  I was inspired by her birthday balloon idea, and decided to create one of my own (a simpler version, with all of the balloon notes from me).

Image Source: A Subtle Revelry
Here's how I did it:

Step 1: Gather your supplies - Balloons of your choice, a balloon pump, and a permanent marker of some kind.

Step 2: Blow up the balloons using the pump (this makes your gift a little more hygienic!) and write a note on each balloon.

Step 3: Let the air out of the balloons, package together with a card or note and - you have a sweet and thoughtful envelope gift, ready to send in the mail!

I used free printable cards (great for SO many occasions!) from How Does She (featured in the early days of The Petit Cadeau Blog) and included a little note with instructions.

A fun and light-hearted gift for a friend to receive in the mail!

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