January 26, 2012

Project 2012: Update

Do you ever get in a little rut, where you have millions of ideas in your head, but just can't seem to get going on any of them?  I'm having one of those weeks.

At times like these, I try to focus on what IS being accomplished, what IS good and wonderful and going well.

So, I thought it would be fitting to give you a little update on my personal commitments for 2012.  In case you missed the posts, here's a recap.

Gifting yourself: Part 1 - Set Aside Time for Yourself
Gifting yourself: Part 2 - Capture Everyday Moments

My daily photography (part of Develop's Project 2012) is going really well.  I've said before, it's kind of my private, simple way of creating a gift for my family in years to come.  I'm not talking about it a lot, just snapping (a lot more than 1) photo every day.  When I miss a day, my husband steps in (the middle photo below is his, and I love it!)

Did you set any intentions, or commitments for yourself for 2012?  How are they going so far?  Would love for you to share -don't forget to find me on Facebook, Twitter, or send me an e-mail!


  1. I love that your husband steps in to help. That is so cool... and somewhat romantic.

  2. hey now! loving that little banner. ;) you did a great job with it!