January 04, 2012

A New Year - Gifting Yourself (Part 2)

The last week of December was an interesting week.  In case you missed my previous post (you can read it here).

It seems as if all of the positive energy and inspiration came at me all at once, everything that I needed to set me on the right track for a new year.

Here's what happened: Zina from Let's Lasso The Moon contacted me and invited me to participate in Project 2012 - a photography project that focuses on capturing "everyday moments"by taking a photo every day for a year (Check out the Project 2012 Flickr pool).

For some reason, probably because I was feeling like I was in a little bit of a "rut" for a few days, my initial reaction was to say "no", even though I love photography.  Why?  I was afraid that I would commit and then not follow through - that I'd get started and then get busy with the mundane aspects of everyday - working on my Master's thesis, going back to work from maternity leave - that I'd forget one day and then it would become a slippery slope of forgetting to take photos for several days at a time.  I don't like to let myself down.  It had fear of failure written all over it.

but then.  I sat down and started reading more about the project.  I watched the video below and it changed EVERYTHING.

I am so glad that I changed my mindset.  For anyone who knows me, photos are a really important part of my world.  I grew up with lot's of photo albums in my home, always looking at photos of my family as I grew up.  Then I got really into photography, a few years ago I was dabbling in wedding photography as a side project.  but when the photography started to feel like "work", I stopped, because I didn't want to lose my love for the camera.  I've been somewhat lacklustre ever since, and I think this is just the inspiration that I have needed!  I took a few simple steps to get ready:

(+) I've ordered a new lens for my camera that I've been wanting.
(+) I've got the camera and flash permanently out so that it's easy to grab and take a photo.

If you are a parent, you really need to take the time to watch this. I committed myself instantly.  Who cares if I forget to take a photo one day - it's the overall effort and commitment to capturing life's everyday moments that REALLY MATTERS.

Here's the video that changed it all for me.

You can read more about the project in Zina's post Gift of an Ordinary Day and the Kicking Off Project 2012 post on Develop. 

I also realized, I don't have to do this alone.  My husband will help me as well, together we will take photos every day. To capture all of the moments...

I'll be using: a Canon DSLR + various lenses
He'll be using: iPhone camera + Instagram

I will not be posting to the Flickr group everyday.  I will share some of my personal favourites there from time to time, and I'll probably share some of my photos here on the blog as I go along. Like this one.

In my mind, this is a sort of quiet gift that I am giving to myself and my family.  I know I will enjoy the fact that I did this in future years.  

Think about participating in this photo project yourself - or come up with your own way of capturing your "everyday moments".

*Peace and Joy for 2012*


  1. I'm so happy you changed your mind and I just know you will be too when you see your project at the end of 2012! I finished a photo a day project in 2010 and at the end of the year I felt "done". It was my husband who encouraged me to keep going. He has loved our everyday photos probably more than anyone and was shocked I'd even consider stopping. So here I am in the third year in a row! Having your own husband participate too and between the two of you, you'll have all the bases covered for the year! I'm looking forward to seeing your submissions to the group pool. Happy 2012!

  2. Alison, I love this! You inspire me! I look forward to the finished project!

  3. Don't forget to print them off. Robyn and I still have NY on our cameras. Janice