January 18, 2012

Envelope Gift Series: Introduction

Today I'm introducing a brand new series of posts on Envelope Gifts. 

Envelope Image from grayhood

What is an envelope gift, and where did this idea come from? A while back, a friend told me that she was having trouble coming up with creative gift ideas to send in the mail.  The items need to be thoughtful, but can't be too heavy or big, or the package ends up costing a small fortune. 

That got me thinking about how to be creative with small and thoughtful gifts that are perfectly suited to be sent in ENVELOPES!  I have (I think) some great ideas to share!

Stay tuned, the first envelope gift idea is coming soon!


  1. I'm from Belgium and since it's very well known for its chocolates I sent some to a few friends of mine for Christmas some years ago. I bought small, rectangular chocolates and glued them (they were pre-packaged of course :) onto some cardstock. The package was still light and thin enough to send and the receivers did not expect chocolate due the dimensions of the package!

  2. Tania, that's a lovely idea! I visited Belgium a few years ago and finding surprise chocolate from Belgium in an envelope would be a fantastic gift!!