December 15, 2011

Lovely Package Exchange

If you follow The Petit Cadeau Blog on Facebook, you may have seen a while back that I was quite excited to be participating in the oh, hello friend blog Lovely Package Exchange!

What is the Lovely Package Exchange?  In short, participants are matched with another blogger, are given a few key details about one another, shop for a small gift (or gifts) for the other person and then create a LOVELY PACKAGE to mail.

I was matched with Sherry in Ontario, and I have to say I am really please with how my gift wrapping turned out! Would you like to see?  Of course you would!

I started with several little gifts.  Sherry likes the colour RED, so I tried to keep that as a theme in my packaging. I wrapped one gift in white tissue paper tied with red string, and then stamped the paper with small red snowflakes.  I wrapped two of the packages in brown paper, embellished with japanese washi tape (one of my new favourite wrapping items!) and added little details, like pussy willows and a sweet little hand-stamped tag.

I purchased a plain wooden box to keep everything together, and attached a handmade card to the inside of the box lid (also with washi tape!)

Once packaged, I wrapped everything in brown paper for mailing, and then stamped the outside of the package with more red snowflakes!

I was really enjoyable to take part in this exchange!  I hope Sherry LOVES her lovely package, and I can't wait to see what she sent me!

Little surprises bring so much joy.


  1. awesome package! i sent one to my partner last week and am waiting on hers to arrive so i can blog how each looks ;)

  2. Lovely blog.

    Visit mines when you get a chance ;)

  3. I purposely didn't look until I had opened my gifts!! I took the box out of the packing envelope and then didn't open anything until yesterday morning. Not only do I love the packaging, I love everything inside the packages including the fact that proceeds from the red & gold pillow box went to a local women's shelter!!! Thank you so much Alison -- I'm truly blessed that we were paired and I hope you and your family had a most beautiful Christmas! xo