December 14, 2011

"Just a little Something": hot chocolate ornaments

I've decided to start a new "theme" of posts, called Just a little Something.

Ideas for small, thoughtful gifts that can be given on their own, or with a card.  My friends and I don't generally buy each other holiday gifts per se, but I do like to give....just a little something...

On Saturday night, before a little holiday brunch get-together on Sunday, I put together a few holiday hot chocolate ornaments (clear plastic ornaments filled with hot chocolate and some fixin's - mini marshmallows and crushed candy cane).

Here's the finished result!

I added a sweet little tag, made with a 2 1/2 inch circle punch and a holiday greetings stamped in red.

Image Source: Project Wedding
I found the tutorial on the Web site Project Wedding - you can check it out here!  These were a HIT, so now I'm brainstorming other cute things I can put inside a clear ornament.

What would you gift inside a clear ornament???


  1. These are awesome Alison! Where did you find the plastic bulbs?

  2. Janice - the plastic bulbs are from Michael's. The tops come off easily so you can fill them with whatever you want!

  3. What a great concept. I would try to give hot chocolate.