November 09, 2011

Stocking Stuffers & Smaller gifts for men

Sometimes you might want a less-expensive gift for a man in your life.  Maybe for a friend, or for stocking stuffers, or a collection of smaller gifts.  Every man is different, but maybe you'll find something here to peak your interest!

1. For a photog man in your life, a manly camera strap or strap cover might be a great gift.  The sporty and cool racer X camera straps from Etsy seller couchguitarstraps (eco & vegan friendly!)
If you sew, you can find an easy DIY camera strap tutorial on Make it Do.

2. For the sporty man in your life, I think these Stuffits Shoe Savers are quite unique! I'm pretty sure there are some running shoes in our house that could use these!

3 & 4. If you know a man who likes to dress in style (at least every once in a while) I love fun cufflinks as a gift! There are so many unique styles out there, including: Lego cufflinks and Vintage comic book "Zap & Bam" cufflinks.
p.s. if you search cufflinks on Etsy, you can find all kinds of great cufflinks, including Nintendo-related, Star-Wars related, dice, coins, bottle caps and much, much more!

5. For a games lover, I bought this small handmade wooden chess set from NOVICA a few years back.

They come beautifully wrapped, with a hand-written note from the artisan who makes them.  All that and (I think) very reasonably priced!)

6. For a coffee lover, how about a manly coffee sleeve, like this one from Etsy seller AuntSarahsKnits.  You can search coffee sleeves on Etsy here.

Local company Details NL also sells manly coffee sleeves for $5!  A great deal. 

I love coffee sleeves, as they are environmentally friendly and give your coffee cup a unique look.  I have one that I use all the time.  Again, if you are a sewer or a knitter, you can find all kinds of great patterns for DIY coffee sleeves online.

7. A few years ago we were told about the Primus thermos.  It keeps hot beverages HOT forever.  Perfect for a coffee lover AND outdoor enthusiast. Found locally at The Outfitters.

8. For a TV fan, you can get pretty much ANY television show quote on t-shirts and all kinds of other items at Cafepress.  In our household, there are quite a few "How I Met Your Mother" shirts floating around, including one along these lines.

Another great source for interesting graphic t's for men is

See anything here that would be great for a man in your life?  Have a great "manly" gift suggestion?? Please share with us!


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