November 21, 2011

The person who has everything: Custom Portraits

Everyone has someone in their life who seems IMPOSSIBLE to shop for.  Lot's of people appreciate something handmade or homemade, but if you're not crafty or good in the kitchen, or if the other person doesn't appreciate the time and effort that goes into making or creating something from scratch - WHAT do you gift?

I'm going to be working on a series of posts "for the person who has everything".  Hopefully you can find some inspiration here to help you along!

My first idea is customized artwork.  This is a unique item that can work well with almost any budget.  Growing up, we lived in a house that my mother loved.  then we moved. My artistic aunt created a watercolour painting of the house for her so that she can keep a little piece of that house in their current home.

The possibilities are really endless in terms of what could be created for someone.  Artwork of a meaningful home, park, landmark, location, or a unique family portrait (I've got some creative ideas below!)

If you know someone artistic, you can potentially commission them to create a piece of artwork for you OR there are all sorts of vendors creating this type of unique product.  Here are a few of my favourites spotted around the internet.

Unique Portraits

I really like the style of these watercolour portraits from Etsy seller Birds of Ashmae.  Send in a photo and get a beautiful work of art in return!
Found via

I also found these really unique commissioned illustrated portraits from Progressive Pioneer.  I think the style here is really beautiful.

Similarly, Paul Ferney's The Commission Project allows you to purchase a custom painting from a photo of a favourite car, pet, relative, house etc.  Just check out the Web site for all kinds of inspirational ideas.

If these don't quite appeal to you, you can spend hours of time browsing Etsy to find something that suits their style AND your price range.  Here are some great Etsy searches to get you started:

1. custom drawing
2. custom painting
3. custom illustrated portraits

What do you think?  Would this work for one of those "hard to shop for" people on your list?

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