November 07, 2011

Food-ish Gifts for Men

For the next week, The Petit Cadeau Blog is focusing on gifting for....MEN!

Most men like to eat, right? So why not jazz it up a little and turn food and snacks into a great gift for any occasion.

I made this Superhero food kit for my husband one year - are you sensing a theme with his gifts?! (unfortunately I don't have a photo of the one I made).  To create your own, use these free printables from alphamom.  (note: the blog post is for Father's Day, but I think these would make a great birthday or other-time gift!).

Image source: alphamom

This candy "arrangement" for men is kind of cool.  Found on the blog Delightful Order, there is a full tutorial for making these.  You could use any kind of candy/chocolate (whatever is his fave) and also get creative with the container.  Beer mug? coffee mug? empty paint can? other?

Image Source: Delightful Order
I think these would also make really nice gifts for either men or women, depending on the colours used in the theme!

Alternatively, purchase a large aluminum drink bucket and fill with manly snacks.  We actually did this as our groomsmen gifts for our wedding.  We bought large drink buckets similar to this:
Inside was each person's favourite chips, snacks, beer, plus BBQ sauces and hot sauce.  You can get really creative with this, depending on individual preferences!

Would any of these work for any of the men in your life?  If you have an inspired food-ish gift idea for men, please share it with us!

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