November 04, 2011

Filling Your Advent Calendar: Part 3

It's Advent Calendar week!  I am just loving this, and hope you are too! Have you seen the previous posts?

Today I'm taking some of the ideas from yesterday's printable cards, and adding some ideas to how you could incorporate a little gift or item to unwrap (if you wanted to)!

Random Act of Kindness - I recently read an inspiring idea.  Each family member gets a small amount of money.  They then go out an perform a random act of kindness and later (Christmas morning?, Christmas Eve?) each person reveals what they did.  I love this idea.
A couple of dollars in the advent calendar could potentially go a long way.

Shop for a gift for children less fortunate - Place an amount of money inside so that your child knows what type of budget they're working with - can be made age appropriate!  Wrap it up and take it to a local site for toys for kids.

Make an ornament or decoration - Include all of the materials, supplies and instructions for a small craft project. I like this simple idea - a five fingers snowman ornament + tutorial.  You could use non-breakable ornaments for smaller kids and include some little paints and a brush.

Watch a special Christmas movie with treats - There are so many great Christmas movies.  The DVD could be included in the advent calendar (if there's room) along with a package of un-popped popcorn and some candies or chocolates (or healthier treats, if you prefer!)
If you don't have room in the actual advent calendar, you could always leave a little clue to where a secret package with the items can be found!
My husband loves this Christmas movie (new in the past couple of years) - he's a big kid at heart!

Hot chocolate made especially for you - include special hot chocolate spoons (from Tuesday's post) or try marshmallow snowflakes from Martha Stewart. 

Today we decorate the Christmas tree - A special ornament could be included in the advent calendar.  Or, if you prefer, a new ornament.

Animals deserve a special treat too.  Today we'll feed the ducks - Include a small bag of birdseed!

Christmas colouring book! - You can buy an inexpensive book, or you can make your own out of free printable colouring pages like the ones found here.

Let's make a snowman - include the snowman kit featured in Tuesday's post.

Your special Christmas pillowcase - see Tuesday's post!

Make Christmas cards -include some blank cards, colouring objects and embellishments!

Decorate the windows in your room. - Include window decals (can be used year after year) or paper and scissors for making paper snowflakes.
Make sure the elves can get in - put out your elf door tonight! - See Tuesday's post for details on the elf door!

Listen to fun Christmas music! - Include an age-appropriate Christmas CD (again could be used year after year).  My absolute FAVORITE Christmas music of ALL time is this.

Make a gingerbread house. - If you have room, you could include a small bought gingerbread house kit, or you could wrap up candies and other small items to be used to decorate the house, like the graham cracker gingerbread houses found here.

Have a picnic dinner in front of the tree - they might find some of the picnic supplies under the tree that morning - a blanket, maybe a picnic basket and some fun Christmas dishes perhaps?

I HOPE that after all of these creative ideas, you are feeling just a little inspired.

Want more inspiration?
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