November 02, 2011

Filling Your Advent Calendar: Part 1

I personally feel that advent calendars shouldn't be all about material "gifts".  I like the idea of having special items for your advent calendar that are used year after year.  What might some of those special items be, you ask?

Here are some of my thoughts!

1. An Elf Door.  A special little DIY project - kids can unwrap their elf door and set it up somewhere in the house, to make sure the elves have a special entrance.  Found via Family Fun.
p.s. Family Fun provides a tutorial, but I think painting and decorating a dollhouse door, or similar, would work just as well! 

2. Write a letter to Santa.  Have special stationary and envelopes set aside to wrap up in the advent calendar each year for this very special purpose.  If you want to get fancy, you can order special kits, like this one from Etsy seller chickabug.

3. A Snowman kit.  Follow the tutorial on Make It Do for a reusable snowman kit that includes a top hat, scarf, eyes and mouth, etc. If you're not the DIY type, I also found a cute snowman family kit at L.L.Bean.

4. A special Christmas pillowcase.  You could buy a patterned Christmas pillowcase, or buy a plain red, green, or white pillowcase and add special embellishments.  I'm envisioning some kind of "visions of sugarplums" theme!  There's a sewing tutorial here on sew4home.

5. A Santa hat or elf hat.  This would be used on the day that the family delivers Christmas gifts.  Everyone can wear their hats.  So cute.

6. Christmas themed cookie cutters. Use these on a day when you will make Christmas cookies together!

7.  You would need a fresh batch of these each year, but I think it would be adorable to discover these hot chocolate stirring spoons in your advent calendar in the morning, and then later in the afternoon curl up with a nice cup of hot chocolate (or incorporate it with a drive to see the Christmas lights, or a winter walk in the park). Found via deliciousdeliciousdelicious.

These are just a few of my thoughts on advent calendar fillers that can stay the same from year to year.

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