November 30, 2011

Advent Calendar & Stocking Stuffer Ideas

1. I am SO happy that I discovered tinygiraffeshop - beautiful wooden blocks for children.  I like so many of these blocks in the "stocking stuffer" category, I almost couldn't pick which ones to show here.  Everything from retro-looking blocks to fun bright trucks and vintage-feel Christmas blocks and paper doll blocks. You have to check out the shop to see for yourself!

2. Tin Kaleidoscope from local shop Flowerchild (now with online shopping!)

3. Vintage Christmas Paper Dolls from The Graphics Fairy.  A Free printable!  There are all kinds of other paper dolls as well, you just have to look around on the site.

4. Adorable finger puppet set from Ikea.  I seriously love Ikea for inexpensive toys.  True, there is no Ikea where I live, so, I recruit friends who DO live near one to bring me small items in their suitcases.  They also have fantastic soft play-food items!

5. A copy of National Geographic Kids magazine (or another age appropriate magazine if this doesn't work for you!)

So concludes the last post in my advent calendar & stocking stuffer series.  I hope that you found some wonderful inspiration for this year!


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