November 03, 2011

Advent Calendar Alternative

Countdown Calendar

You can find beautiful heirloom handmade holiday countdown calendars, like the one above, in my shop.

Here's my list of advent activity ideas (most involving experiences instead of material gifts. You can incorporate some of them into your existing advent calendar or countdown calendar (along with gifts), or you can start a whole new tradition of a holiday countdown calendar with family activities in December - totally up to you!

1. Go for a drive to see the Christmas lights
2. Bake Christmas cookies
3. Read a new Christmas story (from the bookstore OR library)
4. Random Act of Kindness (do something for someone today that they are not expecting)
5. Make an ornament or decoration
6. Watch a special Christmas movie with treats
7. Shop for a gift for children less fortunate
8. Unwrap one present early
9. Have breakfast in bed
10. Write a letter to Santa
11. Put on your Christmas hat - we are delivering presents!
12. A special Christmas treat
13. Permission to stay up late. Bedtime:
14.  Hot chocolate made especially for you
15. Today we are going to pick out the Christmas tree
16. New Christmas pyjamas
17. Today we decorate the Christmas tree. 
18. Animals deserve a special treat too - today we feed the ducks!
19. Christmas colouring book
20. Let's make a snowman
21. Let's go sliding or ice skating
22. Your special Christmas pillowcase
23. Today we're making Christmas cards
24. Decorate the windows in your room
25. Invite a friend over today
26. Go to the library for some new Christmas stories
27. Listen to Christmas music
28. It's family game night!
29. A new pair of Christmas socks
30. Bundle up! We're going to the holiday parade
31. Learn about holidays in another culture
32. Pick out food to donate to the food bank
33. Decorate Gingerbread
34. Make a gift for someone special

Want more inspiration?
(+) For creative holiday gift ideas, wrapping and card inspiration, be sure to visit my Pinterest boards. 


  1. LOVE this idea!! Might even like this one better than the book one from yesterday....Hhhmmm..,,

  2. Thank you!! Searching Pinterest for advent ideas and found yours! :)


  3. THanks. I searched Pinterest and google for advent activities and yours were the best!

  4. You have some really great ideas! I love they way you wrote them "bundle up! We are going to the parade!" Well done.

  5. Wow, I found your cards on Pinterest. I have seen other blogs do something similar. I was actually going to write my own list of activities and design cards, but yours are amazing. I don't think I can do any better. You rock! I intend to write a advent calendar blog post this week and will reference you PDF. Hopefully you'll get a nice little burst of traffic as a result. Thanks for taking the time to share this with all of us!

  6. I love this! Thanks!!!


  7. Thank you these are lovely!!

  8. Lovely idea! Just wanted to let you know I used & credited your site for a picture I used in my blog post :)